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We are Maandag®

At Maandag® (which means ‘Monday’ in English), we work hard every day to connect people with work they enjoy, so they can get excited and stay excited. Work that matches their abilities, ambitions and preferences. Work that lets them apply and develop their talents, and that offers them enough challenges and variety. And we make sure the environment is inclusive, diverse and socially engaged. Because only then can people bring fresh energy to work, each and every day. They are excited to tackle new things and get things done. Because a Maandag® person always looks forward to Monday.

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Fresh energy in your organisation

Fresh energy in your organisation. Making a difference. That’s what our professionals love. And that’s why they look forward to going to work, each and every day. And because of their energy and skills, they get things done. In your organisation as well.

We always take great care to match the right professional with your organisation. We look at their skills, mindset, talents and the needs of your organisation. With the right match, everyone is happy.


Our professionals

At Maandag® we are ambitious, entrepreneurial, pro-active and persistent. Our candidates always look forward to Mondays. That’s why we are called Maandag®, which means ‘Monday’ in English. We are always up for new experiences and to seize new challenges with both hands, as individuals or as part of a team.

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