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We have the best IT professionals for your organisation

Monday® Poland relieves and strengthens organizations in the IT sector. We connect professionals with fresh energy to organizations that want to push ahead. Our professionals strengthen your teams with their specialist knowledge.

Maandag® professionals

Maandag® professionals have ambition. This is our starting point.
They use their fresh energy to make a flying start in your assignment and to help you to get the job done. Our specialists has experience with big international projects for companies from multiple sectors, helping companies and start-ups to grow their businesses

Our IT professionals are knowledgeable. This is our starting point.

Our IT professionals use their fresh energy to make a flying start on your assignment and help you complete it. Our specialists have extensive experience with projects companies from various sectors.

Why use an IT Team in Poland?

Our Polish IT team have the best quality technical education and are ranked highly amongst software developers around the world.

Convenient geographic location

All major Polish cities have direct connections to other main European airports.

Similar cultures

Eastern and Western Europe have multiple cultural and economic ties.

Massive talent pool

Poland is one of the most popular IT outsourcing destinations, with around 300,000 software developers.

English proficiency

In Poland, 91% of software developers have an intermediate or higher level of English and/or German language proficiency.

Technologies and areas of experience

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