Software Web Developer

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  • experienced
  • engineer/bachelor
  • Backend
  • Posted on 27-06-2024

About the job

The project involves developing a software solution to fetch data from 15 external platforms for the creation of accounting exports. This data will be stored in Azure Storage on our platform.

You get data streams flowing, guide them in the right direction, and ensure accurate accounting. To achieve this, you develop web applications to solve business management tasks.

An example?

  • You bring excitement to tax offices and international franchise chains by enabling them to process salaries and wages in record time. And the employees are thrilled because their payroll is accurate.
  • You develop the corresponding technical concepts, data, and object models collaboratively with the development team and our domain experts from customer support. Naturally, you test your software thoroughly, because quality is a matter of honor for you.
  • You design the necessary test cases together with your colleagues from customer support to represent realistic scenarios for our users.
  • Your valuable know-how enriches our collective knowledge: you create documentation for developers and users and are an active user of our internal knowledge base.

We have a more detailed plan and some ramp-up has occurred.

Specifically, the following technologies have crystallized as our stack:

  • .NET MVC
  • Postgres
  • HTML
  • Razorpages
  • TailwindUI
  • TailwindCSS
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Terraform
  • Azure Container Apps

Job requirements

The necessary technologies are:

  • REST
  • OAuth 2.0/OIDC
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • Azure SDK

About the company

Our client has been developing converters and interfaces to simplify and improve accounting. In this process, automation is not a matter of technology but of processes. Every automation is based on a thorough analysis of our client's accounting workflows, ensuring they receive an optimal solution tailored to their specific requirements. Our client always develops solutions from the perspective of both a businessperson and a developer, with the aim of saving time and money. Additionally, integrated control mechanisms ensure that only correct data is transferred to payroll or financial accounting.


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