Data Modeler

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  • experienced and senior
  • engineer/bachelor and master
  • Data
  • Posted on 13-05-2024

About the job

The Data Modeler is tasked with integrating data from diverse internal and external sources into the platform's common landing zone and generating data objects from this centralized data. This role requires a strong understanding of Azure Data Services, modern data architectures like Data Fabric and Data Mesh, and the effective application of data management principles. The Data Modeler will work closely with a team to craft data models, define interfaces, develop data flows/pipelines, conduct quality controls, and optimize data models for analytical purposes.

Job requirements

Job Requirements:

  • Proficient in Azure Data Services, including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, and other Azure technologies.
  • Experienced in modern data architectures, specifically Data Fabric and Data Mesh.
  • Deep understanding of data management principles such as SCD, handling Delta files, and data version control.
  • Practical experience with diverse data sources including SAP, Oracle, REST interfaces, and more.
  • Strong skills in Python and SQL, with a proven ability to model, process, and optimize data.
  • Experience in data model optimization for PowerBI and process optimization for data models.

Function Tasks:

  • Integrates data from various sources into the platform's common landing zone using Azure Data Services.
  • Generates and manages new data objects based on centralized platform data.
  • Designs and implements data models, defines interfaces, and develops efficient data flows/pipelines.
  • Ensures data integrity and quality through rigorous quality control measures.
  • Optimizes data models for analytical tools like PowerBI and develops star schema for enhanced data analysis.

About the company

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