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  • Posted on 03-07-2024

About the job

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer willing to continue developing. As Full-Stack Developer you literally write the future of the company. The developers are not positioned on the side-line, but they are right in the middle of the business. You actively participate in the search for the best solution for the end user. You are willing to share your technical knowledge with your colleagues. You are responsible for the front- and backend of the applications related to the group buying projects and other future activities. You work very closely with the Business teams and other Expert teams like Data Analysis, Marketing, Digital Design and New Product Development. You are responsible for the quality of your code and you improve the existing code through refactoring. You know what it is like to work in an agile environment and you support your junior colleagues by providing them with constructive feedback.

The following technologies should be part of your knowledge set: 

 .Net Core, C#, MVC, Microservices, Javascript, Angular, Cypress, Azure

The role is hybrid: 2 days a week in the office in Wrocław.

The functional scope of the Installer team involves optimizing the interactions, processes, and experiences of Installer Managers, and the suppliers/installers who contribute to the platform's ecosystem.


Core Installer API Tool

As the name would suggest, this is the main tool for the Installer API. The purpose of this tool is to take responsibility for systematizing the repeatable pattern for the client to be able to push and pull data to and from installers.

An appropriate analogy for this would be the foundations of a house. You will not be directly living or using your foundations, but any room that you do have, will be heavily relying on the foundations which in turn dictate what is and is not possible for the house as a whole.


Dynamic Mapper Tool

The Dynamic Mapper tool exists to handle the complexity of transforming the data from one form to another. This will be the client's data to the installer data (PUSH) and vice versa (PULL).

A fitting analogy here would be the kitchen of a restaurant. With raw materials (food) and an instruction set (recipe), the kitchen will use its functions (kitchen tools) in order to make a predetermined output (meal). IN our case, the Dynamic Mapper takes in the initial object along with the recipe and applies its own internal functions to create the output.


Configurator Tool

The Configurator is the main way that users will interact and control the Installer API. It is a user interface that will guide the non-technical user through creating and maintaining how the connections are done. The output is the recipe input that the Dynamic Mapper Tool uses to transform the data (Json object).

A good analogy would be a cookbook. It is somewhere, or some tool, that a head chef can use in order to record recipes that their kitchen can then use to make the meals.

Job requirements

  • You have at least 6 years of relevant work experience.
  • You have experience working in a small team (3-5 developers).
  • You are an excellent communicator; you are social, and you can translate your technical knowledge to the business teams and other stakeholders.
  • You have previously worked in an Agile environment.
  • You are flexible enough to adapt to changes that belong to a fast-growing organization.
  • You are innovative and creative: you think out-of-the-box, you can easily see connections and you can translate best practices from other contexts to the business and practice.
  • You dare to take risks and feel good in an environment where "Fail fast, learn fast" is the motto.

About the company

Our client is the independent expert in group buying, engaging with consumers to enable them to make well-informed decisions in a simple and easy way. They are a young, international, fast-growing organisation with 110 colleagues in six countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, USA and Japan. They believe in the power of united consumers, which is why they organize group buying schemes for solar panels and green energy.


Do you recognize yourself in this profile? And does working at Maandag® seem like a good step to you? Then apply immediately. Who knows, your Monday will soon look just as cool as ours.

Iga Adamowicz


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