Test Manager

  • remote
  • senior and management
  • engineer/bachelor
  • Software Testing
  • Posted on 13-05-2024

About the job

We are currently looking for an experienced Test Manager, estimating 70-80 hours per month for the next 18-30 months (from July onwards).


- End-to-End Test Management

- Management of the testing process

- Coordination of test system setup (configuration and integration)

- Alignment with project management for the creation of test cases

- Sorting test cases along the End-to-End testing

- Coordination of testers along End-to-End test cases

- Definition of the test framework and test rules

- Error management

  - Categorization and prioritization of errors

  - Management of error resolution

Job requirements

- Experience as a Test Manager is required.

- The Test Manager does not need to be on-site; this can essentially be done entirely remotely, perhaps with 2-3 meetings per year.

- Excellent English language skills required.

About the company

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