it contracting

  • We understand your IT challenges
  • Clear searching process and communication with one Maandag® contact
  • The best IT specialists in 5 days

Let our developers support your company

  • IT contracting is a flexible form of staffing. An IT individual expert who brings the knowledge, experience and skills to a given IT project.
  • You choose for a single IT consultant to carry out a short- or long-term project remotely.
  • You can hire back- and front-end engineers, team leads or testers and scrum masters.
  • Step by step you can scale up your team by two, three or more developers as needed.
  • No unnecessary formalities, no time-consuming paperwork.
  • We work based on time and material (hourly rate).
  • Flexibility – 1 month notice period.
  • Convenient geographic location – Wroclaw (700,000 citizens) is situated between Prague, Warsaw and Berlin.
  • The same time zone as Western Europe.

We understand your IT challenges

We know the latest IT trends and newest technologies, so we can convert any IT question into a search profile.

In our diverse network we search for software developers to strengthen your team. We bring complete teams together to carry out a total development project.

Clear search process through one contact person

The best match starts with an intake. We explore who is needed to solve your IT issue and outline the routes we will use to find the right professional, with clear milestones. This is always done through one fixed contact, through the best recruiters with an understanding of IT.

We provide first candidates within 5 days

We understand that the IT sector is a dynamic one. We are ready to meet your expectations. We provide the first candidate profiles within 5 days from the beginning, using our huge IT database, extensive experience with projects for companies from multiple IT sectors, involvement of our IT recruiters and experience of a short recruiting process.

Our professionals

Are you ready to scale up your team from scratch?

Maandag® Poland specialises in IT contracting to support your company with external developers. We focus on the best candidates from the Polish market. Because of this, we are able to realise the most complicated projects. Our specialists work for our clients in every possible sector, supporting their company’s growth.

Our solutions for you

We know that a recruitment process is time consuming. We take care to find the right candidate to fit your expectations and we provide full support with administration.
Our recruitment process is free of charge and we take every care to propose the right specialists for any given project, so they can work in your team with passion and full commitment. There are no costs until you decide to hire one of our candidates.

3 Steps to build your team with Maandag® Poland

Introduction and video call

Let’s first discuss your business needs. We will clearly set out your requirements and prepare a detailed offer. To ensure confidentiality, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be signed. You are also welcome to visit our office and meet our current IT teams.

Specialist selection and first assignment

We select the best IT specialists and present their profiles to you, usually within a few days. The candidates can be interviewed by video call. As soon as you decide on the right candidate(s), we define the cooperation details and start the first assignment.

Scaling up and expanding your team

If you are happy with the first assignment, you can extend your team further. The team can be scaled up or down depending on your current requirements. There is also an option to transfer the team to a new legal entity, which we can help you establish.

Curious what we can do for your organization?

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